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Sunday, November 26, 2006

PARTY TIME: Fun with Runners - without Running

Last night The Railrunners celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary of Coach Nico. It was a big party: there were family and friends, Railrunners old and new, active and not so active. My friend Marc, who is recovering from back surgery, was there. It was great to see him. For just having major surgery, he looked fantastic. And speaking of fantastic... my other coach, Jan, was enjoying this party after having completed yet another marathon that very morning.

For once, my husband accompanied me. Which was good. I think my running group was beginning to think I had just made him up.

Anyway, one of the things that struck me, as an American in Holland, was the way in which the Dutch celebrate. They are really into humor and being sorta wacky. First off, it's sorta a tradition with the runners to give a little bit of money to whomever is celebrating. This time, money was collected and frozen into buckets of water. Can't let Nico and Maria have their money without a little work! And next came the parody songs. (Gert's relatives also did this at our wedding...) The singers change the lyrics of popular Dutch songs to reflect the situation. Of course, I didn't understand anything, but the crowd were laughing their asses off. Later, Nico and Maria's relatives did something really cool. Sorta like a play. The idea was that we were seeing a "slide show" of their 25 years together. Two people held up a sheet, behind which the "actors" would get into position. A narrator told the story and then said "click". The sheet would drop and we would see the actors frozen into some funny position. There was one of Nico when he was in the army and of him and his kids when he coached soccer. And the last was of Nico and Maria, played by themselves, dressed as old folk, living out their lives together. It was funny and sweet. So fun-loving and creative.

There was also lots of dancing to Dutch favorites and some newer music. To the old stuff, there was some great couples-type dancing that no one under 40 knows how to do. When the DJ's flowed the newer stuff... well let's just say you've never seen such great white guy spastic dancing in your entire life.

All of this just makes me love my Railrunners even more, if that's possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Debarockenlicous

Maybe we can incorporate some Dutch customs at the next Urlik gathering? Slideshow depiction of the giving of the "Ski Rock"? Interperative dance celebrating a new year-end double issue of Life Magazine?

Wendy in (I can't f*ing believe they elected that doofus again)CT

7:09 PM

Blogger kate said...

yay! the song tradition sounds suspiciously like an old immaculate heart tradition... remember all the assemblies where we sang made up new lyrics to old songs?? (hey hey we're the freshman! and people say we monkey around!)

your running is very inspiring to me. myself, i am hanging with my homegirl Leslie Sansone:

keep on truckin'

7:47 AM


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