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Sunday, December 03, 2006

This picture is from my 1st race with the Railrunners: Sintloop 2005

Sintloop 2006

Well, let's see. As I write this, I'm a little down actually. Is it alright to admit that? I just went to the website for this race and saw my race time from last year: 59 minutes 11 seconds. Today I ran 1 hour 45 seconds. I had actually forgot my time from last year. Somehow remembered it as 1 hour 5 minutes. Today I didn't feel great, but had consoled myself thinking that at least I had improved. By 4 minutes! Oh well. I am officially taking the next 2 minutes for a little self pity. Then I'm gonna get over it.

2 Minutes Later

Ok, I'm back. Look... I had a great time today with my team. I was tired and it was windy as hell, but I still felt happy and did the best I could. I wanted to go faster, but had some fear that my left leg would cramp again... so I held back.

Also, there is another difference between this year and last year. Last year, I felt I had something to prove. It was my first run with the team. I wanted to show them I could run. My race was fast and slow... the pace uncontrolled. Over the course of the year, I've learned something different. I've learned to have more control, have a steady pace, and run within myself. Is it better? To be honest, I don't know. Maybe it's a little like learning music. It's great to just play notes, but you become better when you really learn the basics and practice your scales. But I'm wondering... have I become too controlled... too safe?


Anonymous J@N Dekker said...

Debbie, not every race can't be a winner. It's also in life, it goes up and down. The're influences from outside, wind, rain, the circuit. Don't forget the shape of the day, you sleep, drink and eat well? Now a new challenge? We go for Asselronde Apeldoorn, 27.5 km 28-01-2007 and a marathon in 2007? The next eight weeks, long distance runs - 18 to 30 km. Maybe, I see you tonight at the BV

1:05 PM

Anonymous Jules said...

I wonder, why don t you have a yellow shirt like the others?

4:18 PM

Anonymous Nico Kropman said...

Dear Debbie, Mijn engels is niet zo goed als jou Nederlands, dus ik antwoord in Dutch. Ik denk dat je beter hebt gelopen als vorig jaar. De onstandigheden waren duidelijk in ons nadeel. De harde wind op twee lange stukken pal tegen. Maar je moet niet vergeten dat je geen specifieke rust hebt genomen voor deze wedstrijd. Hoezo? dat leg ik uit. Deze week heb je na woensdag, tempo, ook vrijdag een duurloop gedaan van, ik dacht 1 1/2 uur! zo prepareer je je niet voor een wedstrijd. Je bent nu aan het leren een hoger tempo te lopen en meer inhoud te kweken. Maar bedenk dit komt er pas uit als je voor een wedstrijd een dag of 4 rust hebt gehouden. Bekijk het resultaat van gisteren op de volgende manier. Hoe voel je je nu, goeie benen, al klaar om lekker uit te lopen? Dat is belangrijk. De blessure aan je kuit, hoe voelt het, geen reactie! Als deze zaken een goed gevoel geven komt de volgende stap pas. Gr Nico

7:57 PM

Blogger Debbie said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I feel better. And I look forward to our new challenges. I have a lot to learn. And yeah, Jules, I have to get me one of those Railrunner shirts! Gr Deb

10:19 AM


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